In this game for a large number of children, a can or similar object is placed in a central location. The person who is “it” counts to a designated number as all the other players hide. “It” tries to defend the can while all the rest of the players attempt to get to the can and kick it before being spotted. Again, there are many variations of this game. Players may be tagged out, or the person who is “it” can simply call out their name as they are spotted.

This game is also known as Army Tag or Spotlight. In this tag game players are caught by a flashlight beam. In some versions the “it” person must also accurately call out the name of their captive player. Those caught in the light must either go to a jail spot until they are rescued by another player’s tag or they’re frozen until released. Only the “it” person has a flashlight. All rescues are done by hand.

In this version of hide and seek one person is it and is allowed to find a hiding place. All the others search for “it” and when they find him or her they join in hiding in that spot. (Thus beginning to feel like sardines) Each player in turn joins the hiding spot until one last person becomes the new “it.”=

The rules to all of these games are simple and a minimum of equipment is needed. Playing them involves a lot of running and physical exercise. The joy is in the play. Share these old-fashioned games with your children—soon.




​Non-alcoholic sangria is a combination of fruit juices, fresh fruits, lemon, soda water, etc. And it is a perfect way to enjoy a variety of fresh fruits in a glass of drink.


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4 ingredients, 5 min prep. time, 100 calories, non-alcoholic and naturally sweetened strawberry slush —a perfect drink to enjoy the warm weather. It is prepared using fresh strawberries and is loaded with micronutrients from them. If you love strawberries then it is a must-try drink to enjoy this fruit.


To stop mosquitoes and other insect larvae from breeding in birdbaths or rainwater barrels, put a few drops of vegetable oil on top of the water. It spreads to form a film over the surface of the water so the larvae cannot lay eggs, but won’t bother the birds!

Add crushed eggshells to your soil…the eggshells add calcium to the soil and keep unwanted critters away.

The Best DIY Gnat Trap to Try

Tired of the annoying gnats around your home? Gather a few small jars and pour in 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and whirl in a few drops of liquid dish soap. With the lids off, place the jars wherever you see the most gnats. The gnats will be drawn to the smell of the apple cider, but once they land in the mixture, the soap makes it difficult for them to escape. These non-toxic traps work like a dream. I set them out one night and the next morning, all the gnats were in the jars! — Gina Kinnan