Jenny's Cafe

Vegetarian and Gluten Free

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Kids' Menu

Vintage (Senior Citizen) Menu


if you can't find what you're looking for on the menu, there is the BUILD YOUR OWN option


Jenny's Kitchen Sink  12.99

Hand-breaded Chicken Fried Steak   13.99

Kendrick's Lil Bit   12.99

Eggs Benedict   11.99

Marathon Man   15.99

Hearty Burrito   12.99

The B B & G   10.99

Steak and Eggs   14.99

Ray's Breakfast Burrito 11.99

Waffle Sandwich   10.99

Kelsey's Loaded Breakfast Sandwich   11.99

Do Work Burger   14.99

Buried Biscuit   12.99

Breakfast Chimichanga


the Works   10.99

The Grandpa Bob  11.99

Breakfast Sandwich  10.99

Country Biscuit   11.99

Heart Stopper   10.99

Chicken & Half Waffle


Monte Cristo   11.99

                SKILLET      SENSATIONS    12.99

served on a bed of home fries or hash browns

Meat Lovers Skillet

Polish Sausage Skillet

Breakfast Skillet

Mexican Skillet

Kayla's Country Skillet

Hash-it-Out Skillet

Benedict Skillet

Savory Skillet


Crepes    6.99

Belgian Waffle or French Toast    5.99

Kobe's Banana Split Waffle


Short Stack   7.99

Kiana's Sweet Strawberry Waffle & Stuff   9.99

Pina Colada Waffle 7.99

USA Waffle   8.99

Elvis Waffle   10.99


served with your choice of ONE of the following combinations: hash browns & toast, Home fries & toast, biscuits & gravy, waffle, sweet cream pancakes, French toast, TWO crepes

The Original   11.99

The Jenny Benny  12.99

The Cheeseburger  12.99

Grandma Edie's Chicken Club   12.99

Taco Omelet   12.99

Veggie Omelet   12.99

The Hungry Man   15.99

Western Omelet   12.99

The Hawaiian   12.99

Dad's Favorite   13.99

Mini version of any of the above   9.99


Taco Salad   12.99

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad   12.99

Chicken Teriyaki Salad


Grilled or Crispy Chicken Salad   12.99

Chef Salad


Eggs bacon, burgers and steaks can be cooked to order, however, please note that consuming raw or under-cooked foods can increase your risk of food-borne illness.


each entrée is served with your choice of one of the following: soup of the day, side salad, potato salad, or "all-you-can-eat" batter or waffle fries.  Additional items are just $1.99 each.  Choose from Jack, Pepper Jack or American Cheese

Deluxe QTR pound cheeseburger   11.99

Double deluxe QTR pounder   13.99

Patty Melt   12.99

Sara's Mega Melt 12.99

Desean's Chicken Sandwich (grilled or crispy)   13.99

Chicken strip Plate  13.99

Hawaiian Burger   13.99

BLT   9.99

Classic Club Sandwich  


Grilled Ham & Cheese  9.99

Turkey or Ham Deli Sandwich   9.99

Mama's Nachos   13.99

We serve Pepsi products

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  $5,  $10,  $20,  $25

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