Recent Health Department Inspection: 

Jenny's recently was inspected by the Spokane County Health Department for compliance with COVID -19 regulations and met state requirements at 100%


We have installed dividers between each booth to aid in providing a safe environment for our guests.

We are still limited to 50% occupancy but have opened the patio which allows us to seat all those who which to dine with us.  Waiting time is usually minimal. 

We look forward to seeing you!


Latest Information on COVID-19

1. Tables must be placed far enough apart when measured from occupied chair to occupied chair, to ensure guests seated at a table are a minimum of 6 feet away from guests at an adjacent table; or there must be a physical barrier or wall separating booths or tables

2. Reusable menus that are sanitized are acceptable

3. Jenny's is following the recommendations of the CDC regarding the wearing of face masks by her staff and customers.

We love seeing everyone's smiling faces again!!!