Jenny's Café beginnings

Jenny's Café opened its doors in 2002.  Well known for its all-you-can-eat hash browns, it is a place with a small town atmosphere where you can quickly become one of the regulars.  The décor is a combination of vintage and bling....known as "jenny-fied."

Best Breakfast in Spokane Award

The menu offers a wide range of breakfast and lunch items, a "seasoned-citizen menu, and kids' menu

Have you been to the ONE AND ONLY JENNY'S CAFE? Jenny's is the only home of the "all-you-can-eat" hash browns. Next time you're looking for a great, family owned place to have breakfast, come to Jenny's​. Jenny has been working in the restaurant business since she was 16 and she really knows what she's doing. Her customers are like family, their satisfaction is important. Jenny's is located in the Spokane Valley on Sprague - easy access, home-like atmosphere, great food, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. What more could you ask for.