Jenny's Café beginnings

Jenny's Café opened its doors in 2002.  Well known for its all-you-can-eat hash browns, it is a place with a small-town atmosphere where you can quickly become one of the regulars 

Each piece of vintage cookware, kitchen utensil​, and military memorabilia has a story to tell. We will never know the history of each piece, but we can envision the family stories to which they belong.  The treasures you see belong to patrons of the cafe and to Jenny's family.

Every recipe card has been passed to another's hands, sometimes through generations. Every ingredient spill on that card is left untouched. Jell-O molds have turned into lamps. Repurposing these gems, creating one-of-a kind pieces creates a unique family and home atmosphere. We hope that you like your visit and will keep coming back to enjoy the food, chat with Jenny, her staff and all the regulars.

Best Breakfast in Spokane Award

The menu offers a wide range of breakfast and lunch items, a "seasoned-citizen menu, and kids' menu